Various / Xen Cuts [ZEN49][2000]

Label : Ninja Tune [ZEN49][2000]
Artist : Pest
Title : Necessary Measures

Vinyl 1
Side-A1 / The Xen To One Ratio (Intro)[Steinski]
Side-A2 / Showtime [Big Dada Sound]
Side-A3 / 2 Tha Left [Dynamic Syncopation]
Side-A4 / QMS [T Love]
Side-A5 / 8pt Agenda [The Herbaliser]
Side-B1 / Ug [Mr.Scruff]
Side-B2 / Memories [Neotropic]
Side-B3 / Saboteur (Roots Manuva Version) [Amon Tobin]
Side-B4 / Your Revolution (Version) [DJ Vadim]
Vinyl 2
Side-C1/ Nepalese Bliss (Jimpster Mix) [The Irresistible Force]
Side-C2 / Emperor's Main Course [Kid Koala]
Side-C3 / Give It Up [Coldcut]
Side-C4 / Hip Hop Barrio [Up, Bustle & Out]
Side-D1 / Blue Flames [Quannum MC's]
Side-D2 / Night Night Theme [The Infesticons]
Side-D3 / l Hear The Drummer [Luke Vibert]
Side-D4 / Ninjah (We Are Ninja) [Fink]
Vinyl 3
Side-E1/ The Joy Of X (Spotters Delight) [Flexus Intro]
Side-E2 / The 10th Victim [The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination]
Side-E3 / Soul Pride [Neptune]
Side-E4 / Los Locos Cubanos (Snowboy Mix) [Up, Bustle & Out]
Side-F1 / Down & To The Left [Amon Tobin]
Side-F2 / My Life's In These Bottles [Loka]
Side-F3 / Original Sins [Chris Bowden]
Vinyl 4
Side-G1/ Restless [The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination]
Side-G2 / Build A Church With Your Fear [Animals On Wheels]
Side-G3 / The Ageing Young Rebel (Gentle Cruelty) [DJ Food]
Side-H1 / Quicksilver Loom [Flanger]
Side-H2 / Big Sea (Edit) [Funki Porcini]
Side-H3 / Arcane [Arc]
Side-H4 / Big Amoeba Sound [Max & Harvey]
型番 SDH530
販売価格 11,990円(税1,090円)