Krafty Kuts / Slam The Breaks On II [ACELACE21L][2000]

Media : Aランク [比較的美品]
Sleeve : Bランク [多少の使用感有]

Label : Lacerba [ACELACE21L][2000]
Artist : Krafty Kuts
Title : Slam The Breaks On II

Vinyl 1
Side-A1 / It's Bigger Than Hip Hop (The Big Hop Mix)
Side-A2 / When I B On Tha Mic
Side-A3 / Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix)
Side-A4 / Downdiggy (2K Freestyle) (Pressure Drop Mix)
Side-B1 / Hey Ya'll We're Miami
Side-B2 / Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag
Side-B3 / Sand Steppin'
Side-B4 / Showstoppa (Creep Show Mix)
Vinyl 2
Side-C1 / Unwind Your Mind
Side-C2 / Way Of The Exploding Crates
Side-C3 / Jackie In Action
Side-C4 / Recipe For The Perfect Afro
Side-D1 / Power To The Beats (Krafty Kuts Mix)
Side-D2 / Bumper (Plump DJ's Vocal Mix)
Side-D3 / One Of The People (Shark Tank Mix)
Side-D4 / Auto
型番 SDH523
販売価格 5,489円(税499円)