Sigma / London Sound [3BEATCD40][2024]

Label : 3Beat [3BEATCD40][2024]
Artist : Sigma
Title : London Sound


1.Sigma x Crystal Fighters / Someone To Hold Onto
2.Sigma feat. MORGAN / Adrenaline Rush
3.Sigma feat. Ebenezer / Care About Us
4.Sigma feat. Joe Devlin / The Corner
5.Sigma x B Live / Bad Man (Buss One)
6.Sigma feat. Everyone You Know / Going Out To The Ravers
7.Sigma feat. Harvey Whyte / LSD
8.Sigma x Watch The Ride x Doktor / Trouble You
9.Sigma feat. Josh Barry / London Sound
10.Sigma x Gardna / City Lights
11.Sigma x Doktor / Trigger Finger
12.Sigma / The Classics
13.Sigma feat. Hannah Boleyn / Every Song
14.Sigma / Rave Generator
15.Sigma x Grace Grundy / Run From You
型番 SDH214
販売価格 3,674円(税334円)