Tommy The Cat / Circles In Time [CITB010][2023]

Label : Cat In The Bag [CITB010][2023]
Artist : Tommy The Cat
Title : Circles In Time

Vinyl 1
Side-A1 / Along The Rooftops
Side-A2 / My Forever Love
Side-B1 / Make Some Noiz
Side-B2 / On Secret Ground
Vinyl 2
Side-C1 / Running Wild
Side-C2 / Silent Secret
Side-D1 / Falling
Side-D2 / Do The Math

Side-A1 / Along The Rooftops 試聴可能

Side-A2 / My Forever Love 試聴可能

Side-B1 / Make Some Noiz 試聴可能

Side-B2 / On Secret Ground 試聴可能

Side-C1 / Running Wild 試聴可能

Side-C2 / Silent Secret 試聴可能

Side-D1 / Falling 試聴可能

Side-D2 / Do The Math 試聴可能
型番 SDG1011
販売価格 5,258円(税478円)