Philip D Kick / Off World Tales [APHA028][2023]

Label : Astrophonica [APHA028][2023]
Artist : Philip D Kick
Title : Side-A1 / Predator
Side-A2 / Clappin Alien Cheekz
Side-A3 / Orbit
Side-A4 / Future Shock
Side-B1 / Hyperspanner
Side-B2 / Replicant (feat. Om Unit)
Side-B3 / The Journey Home
Side-B4 / The Journey Home (Party Loop)

Side-A1 / Predator 試聴可能

Side-A2 / Clappin Alien Cheekz 試聴可能

Side-A3 / Orbit 試聴可能

Side-A4 / Future Shock 試聴可能

Side-B1 / Hyperspanner 試聴可能

Side-B2 / Replicant (feat. Om Unit) 試聴可能

Side-B3 / The Journey Home 試聴可能

Side-B4 / The Journey Home (Party Loop) 試聴可能
型番 SDG319
販売価格 2,717円(税247円)