London Elektricity / Rebuilding Better Worlds [NHS444CD][2021]

Label : Hospital Records [NHS444CD][2021]
Artist : London Elektricity
Title : Rebuilding Better Worlds


1. Build A Better World (feat Emer Dineen - Hugh Hardie remix)
2. The Prescription Is Love (CLIQUES remix)
3. Time To Think (feat Inja & The Secretary-General - Think Tonk remix)
4. Final View From The Rooftops (feat Cydnei B - Justin Hawkes remix)
5. Lonely Sirens (feat Elsa Esmeralda - London Elektricity VIP)
6. Funkopolis (Mozey remix)
7. She Slowly Caught Fire (feat Bulgarian Goddess - Winslow remix)
8. I Wish You Could See It Too (feat Urbandawn - Lilac remix)
9. Kubrick's View (Degs & MURIUKI remix)
10. Never Trust A Hippy (Logisitics remix)
11. Possible Worlds (feat Inja - Digital Native remix)
12. Empty Seat At The Table (feat Whiney - Whiney VIP)
13 . Don't Give Up Now (feat Bulgarian Goddess - Villem remix)
14. Well That's A Switch (Polaris remix)
15. Funkopolis (Seba remix)
型番 SDF104
販売価格 1,518円(税138円)