Various / 10 Years Of Going Soul Deep [SDEVNYL012][2021]

Label : Soul Deep Recordings [SDEVNYL012][2021]
Artist : Paul SG / Dramatic / MSdoS / Furney / Madcap / Jrumhand / Blade / Decon
Title : A Little While Longer

Vinyl 1
Side-A1 / Gimmie A Sec (feat Danny Sanchez) [Paul SG]
Side-A2 / Sacrifice [Dramatic]
Side-B1 / Eastern Band (SoulTec remix) [MSdoS]
Side-B2 / Two Smokin' Barrels [Furney]
Vinyl 2
Side-C1 / The Sunrise In Her Eyes [Madcap]
Side-C2 / A Pleasant Stroll [Jrumhand]
Side-D1 / Cosmic Bells [Blade]
Side-D2 / Amenista [Decon]

Side-A1 / Gimmie A Sec (feat Danny Sanchez) 試聴可能

Side-A2 / Yasukuni 試聴可能

Side-B1 / Lil Souljah (feat Slay) 試聴可能

Side-B2 / Zusterliefde 試聴可能

Side-C1 / Old Times' Sake 試聴可能

Side-C2 / Combo [Lenzman & Satl] 試聴可能

Side-D1 / Starlight (feat Fox) 試聴可能

Side-D2 / Down For Whatever (Jubei remix) 試聴可能
型番 SDE1023
販売価格 4,400円(税400円)


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