DJ Panasonic / Chrono Chrome -With Street Art DVD- [PANASONIC2101][2021]

Label : Sito -With Street Art DVD- [PANASONIC2101][2021]
Artist : DJ Panasonic
Title : Side-A1 / Escape Plan
Side-A2 / Ill Street Blues (feat. Rawaxxx)
Side-A3 / Renaissance (feat. Yellow Dragon Band)
Side-A4 / unreasonable
Side-A5 / Kidz To Adult (feat. Silent Killa Joint)
Side-A6 / Polygon Shock
Side-B1 / Stay Around (feat. S-Kaine & Eagleye)
Side-B2 / Pm6_00
Side-B3 / Water Drop (feat. Trash)
Side-B4 / Flavor
Side-B5 / Saihate
Side-B6 / Run The City [LP Exclusive]

型番 SDE606
販売価格 3,080円(税280円)

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