Hot Water Music / Fuel For The Hate Game [NIR037][2003]

Media / Aランク [比較的美品]
Sleeve / Aランク [比較的美品]

Label : No Idea Records [NIR037][2003]
Artist : Hot Water Music
Title : Fuel For The Hate Game

Side-A1 /220 Years
Side-A2 / Turnstile
Side-A3 / Blackjaw
Side-A4 / Trademark
Side-A5 / Freightliner
Side-A6 / The Sleeping Fan
Side-B1 / Facing And Backing
Side-B2 / Rock Singer
Side-B3 / North And About
Side-B4 / Difference Engine
Side-B5 / Drunken Third

型番 SDE301
販売価格 11,000円(税1,000円)

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