ASC / Zenith & Nadir [AUX023][2020]

Label : Auxiliary [AUX023][2020]
Artist : ASC
Title : Side-A1 / Cryogenic
Side-A2 / Erosion Of Time
Side-A3 / Anthe
Side-B1 / Meridian
Side-B2 / The Drake Equation
Side-B3 / The Milankovitch Cycles

Side-A1 / Cryogenic 試聴可能

Side-A2 / Erosion Of Time 試聴可能

Side-A3 / Anthe 試聴可能

Side-B1 / Meridian 試聴可能

Side-B2 / The Drake Equation 試聴可能

Side-B3 / The Milankovitch Cycles 試聴可能
型番 DBS2020309
販売価格 1,793円(税163円)

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