LTJ Bukem / Journey Inwards [GLRAA001LP][2000]

盤 / Bランク [多少の使用感有]
ジャケット / Aランク [比較的美品]

Label : Good Looking Records [GLRAA001LP][2000]
Artist : LTJ Bukem
Title : Journey Inwards

Vinyl 1
Side-A / Close To The Source
Side-B / Watercolours
Vinyl 2
Side-C Feel What You Feel
Side-D / Journey Inwards
Vinyl 3
Side-E / Undress Your Mind
Side-F / Suspended Space
Vinyl 4
Side-G1 / Inner Guidance
Side-G2 / Unconditional Love (Instrumental Version)
Side-G3 / Point Of View
Side-H1 / Sunrain
Side-H2 / Deserted Vaults (Instrumental)

型番 SDA410
販売価格 3,780円(税280円)

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