V.A / Unchartered Territories Jungle Jazz 2 [SOUNDSLP11][1997]

盤 / Aランク [比較的美品]
ジャケット / Cランク [使用感有り]

Label : Beechwood Music [SOUNDSLP11][1997]
Artist : V.A
Title : Unchartered Territories Jungle Jazz 2

Vinyl 1
Side-A1 / Streetplayer [DJ Pulse & Jazz Cartel]
Side-A2 / Karma 2 [Foul Play]
Side-A3 / Stromboli [Kushti]
Side-B1 / Stars (N.O.W Mix)[Nightmares On Wax]
Side-B2 / Who Are You [Larceny]
Side-B3 / Alabama Blues (Wax Doctor Mix)[St Germain]
Vinyl 2
Side-C1 / Free Fall (Peshay Mix)[Galliano]
Side-C2 / Time Is Running Out [Raw Deal]
Side-C3 / Nautilus [Shogun]
Side-D1 / Homeland [Wayward Mind]
Side-D2 / The Pleasure & The Pain [Project 23]
Side-D3 / Get Another Plan [Abstract Truth]
型番 SDA407
販売価格 1,080円(税80円)

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