Enei / Goliath EP [Repress][CRIT076RP][2017]

Label : Critical Music [Repress][CRIT076RP][2017]
Artist : Enei
Title : Goliath EP

Side-A1 / Goliath (feat DRS)

Side-A2 / The Artefact

Side-B1 / Prometheus

Side-B2 / Hotplate

Side-A1 / Goliath (feat DRS) 試聴可能

Side-A2 / The Artefact 試聴可能

Side-B1 / Prometheus 試聴可能

Side-B2 / Hotplate 試聴可能
型番 D3960R
販売価格 1,609円(税119円)

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