We're sorry but I only accept payment via PAYPAL,credit card (Square), and We use "Japan Posts" & "DHL Express". 

Of course, records that are exhibiting at other record shopping sites can also be shipped. In that case, please be sure to contact us from the contact on our site.
Contact Is Here


I will notice you the total cost amount within 3 working days so please pay within 3 days(72 hours) since I sent a invoice. 

If you have a payment overdue, I will cancel the order so items can be made available to other buyers. 

Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling costs, which includes any import fees, duties, taxes that may be applied by your country.

We will send you a Paypal payment e-mail to your e-mail address after receiving your order. Our email address at that time is jfk180 (at) hotmail.com

Also you need a 4% paypal fee. We will also notify you our paypal account information.

-Credit Card (Square)-
We will send you a credit card payment e-mail to your e-mail address after receiving your order. Our email address at that time is info (at) grindrecord.com
How To Order

Please ,  send me your order : Grindrecords Contact page → Here !
*Please Read "-For overseas customers-" , Very Easy Order Foum .


- About Japan Post Shipping - 
It is a delivery option recommended to customers who purchase a few records (1 to 4).

We will notify you each shipping rate depends on destination and weight with a total cost amount please refer the following example costs
Shipping rate example
  1LP single (270g)+Packing material [270g]
Express (EMS) 2420yen. About 2days 
International Tracked & Sign / Standard (SAL) 640yen About 2 weeks 

Express (EMS) 2420 yen About 2 to 5 days 
International Tracked & Sign / Standard (SAL) 620 yen About 2 weeks 

South Korea / China / Taiwan 
EMS 1540 yen 2 to 5days 
Normal Air 830 5 days 

EMS 1540 yen 2 days 
SAL 640 yen 2 weeks 
For countries not listed above, and for the accurate costs please check the following link by JAPAN POST HOLDINGS Co., Ltd


Airmail & SAL is no tracking number & insurence. 
If you need please add registered mail option 410 yen.(for tracking number) 

-About DHL Express- 
And DHL Express (Special Delivery) , This shipping option is the same as the shipping fee for up to 6 Vinyl ,Seven to seventeen are the same amount. 
The arrival speed is also fast.You can Use ODD Web Site "https://ondemand.dhl.com/". 

*Notice . About DHL Express Insurance
The amount of insurance included in regular shipping fee is guaranteed up to 25 US $.
If you want a guarantee that exceeds this amount, you need a separate insurance fee.
In most cases you can cover the full amount by paying the insurance premium 2500 yen.
For details please inquire before purchase.

Arrive at 2 to 5 days 
Up to 6 / 2840 yen 
Up to 17 / 5040 yen 

Up to 6 / 2970 yen 
Up To 17 / 6450 yen 

Up to 6 / 2060 yen 
Up To 17 / 3230 yen 

Arrive at 2 to 5 days 
Up to 6 / 2200 yen 
Up To 17 / 3360 yen 

Arrive at 2 to 5 days 
Up to 6 / 2460 yen 
Up To 17 / 4260 yen 

Up to 6 / 5040 yen 
Up To 17 / 11610 yen 

Because I also sell over my real store it may be possible that an item is still listed for sale although it has already sold a short time ago. You should check my feedback to notice that this does not happen very often but it maybe could happen.
Thank you and feel free to message me with any questions!

info [at] grindrecord.com

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DJ Yutaka a.k.a Vinyl Man

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